Fiona Macintosh: Travelling with Medea and the Theatrical Sublime 1750–1800

Teatrologická společnost zve na přednášku Kabinetu pro klasická studia Filozofického ústavu AV CR

Prof. Fiona Macintosh (Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford)

Travelling with Medea and the Theatrical Sublime 1750–1800

středa 11. května 2022 od 14.00 h, přednáškový sál ÚČL AV ČR, Na Florenci 3, Praha 1 (budova C, 3. patro)

As migrant and iconoclast Medea crosses a number of eighteenth-century
borders: linguistic, cultural, national, temporal, spatial, aesthetic, ethical, and
generic.The paper argues that Noverre’s ballet d’action is pivotal not simply
because it was staged throughout Europe in the last part of the century, but also
because it provided a radically different model for tragic drama. It was this new
kind of tragedy, informed no less by Euripides than it was by ideas of the
theatrical sublime, that enabled Medea’s return to serious spoken drama in the
playhouses of Europe and the Americas in the following century.

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